A 15 minute Leg Workout Ladies don’t want to miss. Complete Lower Body Fix at home.

Missing the gym or having no time to workout can be annoying.  Now, you can burn fat, tone your legs and firm your bum right at home with little equipment.  This video shows you exactly what to do to get the lower body you desire.  Tone and no bulk!  Follow along with Bethany with this killer lower body fix workout created by Top American Trainer, Doug Bennett.  You’ll find out real quick why top models hire him to get runway ready.  There are no workouts like this anywhere.

15 Minute Leg Burner : Home or Travel
Here’s a new easy leg workout for you to try at your own risk. Great to tone and get your legs shaped. Perform 1-3x or 2X and run/sprint for 1-3 miles ( hill walks if you can’t run) after the workout. Warm up jump rope 1-3 minutes then
  • Squats with heavy dumbells for 30 reps ( best results if you pyramid the weight starting heavy to light. For example: perform 5 reps w/40 lbs. then 5-10 reps with 30lbs. And finish remaining reps with 20 lbs until all 30 reps are Finished ).
  • jumping squat in to out w/ medicine ball (heavy) 25 reps or no weight 50 reps
  • pulsing squat ( barre’ pulses) 50-100 reps
  • pulsing lunge with or without dumbbells. 25 reps without Dumbbells or 10-20 holding a 5-15 lb. Dumbbell in each hand
  • switch front kicks to bag 25 each leg or snapping kicks to air ( don’t over extend) 50 reps each leg
  • stand ups 25 each leg or with weight ( holding single dumbbell under Chin horizontal) 15 each leg
  • bridges with weight (heavy) 50 reps or without weight 100 reps
  • star jumps 25-50 reps ( recommend)
  • stand ups 25 each leg or with weight ( holding single dumbbell or medicine ball under Chin horizontal) 15 each leg
  • run high knee 1-2 minutes
  • stand ups 25 each leg with or without weight
  • kicks same as above but for 1 minute instead of reps
  • 10 push ups.
Repeat all again if you have time and are not a beginner..

Note: cut all reps in 1/2 if you are a beginner and don’t use weight. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. Perform this workout at own risk!

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