A 15 minute at home workout video to help you burn calories and shape your legs!

Getting a good at home leg workout to help you burn calories and shape your legs in under 15 minutes can be challenging for most.  Yet, Doug Bennett, pro-trainer for 26 years shows you how to get the legs you desire with little or no equipment right at home.

Just think, in under 15 minutes the time it takes you to drive to the gym or fold laundry, you could already be on your way to burning fat and feeling your leg workout.  All you’ll need for this home workout is your body, a mat and a 20lb medicine or slam ball (both are optional).

If you don’t have either a medicine or slam ball then I would recommend purchasing one as this is a great piece of exercise equipment for your whole body and cardio.  I will be showing many more workouts that utilize a medicine or slam ball.  The ball slam works your arms, endurance and core if done correctly.  In the video, Bethany a trainer and mother of 2 at 46 years old shows a ball slam in the following manner:

  1. Stand with feet hip distance apart
  2. Bring ball over head with straight arms.  Engage abs and begin by folding body over so your looking down by the time you release ball.
  3. Keep arms locked out and hinge at the hips to throw ball hard towards ground.  When you let go of the ball your body must be in an L Shape to ground with your hands and arms out from the body.  Make sure not to just throw the ball down like a basketball.  This doesn’t work your core.
  4. Pick up ball and repeat immediately.
  5. see video for demonstration

NOTE: Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.  This video and article is for educational purposes only and is not a personal prescription for exercise.  Perform at own risk.

Make sure you have no knee, lower back or abdominal injuries before performing these exercises.

I hope you get to try this at home workout to help you burn calories and shape your legs along with Bethany at your own risk.  Take your time.  If you don’t have a ball then replace with a plank or bicycle (ab exercise) for 1 minute.

You have more time? Ok.  Simply keep going with the routine below after performing the workout in the video:

  • Step up 25 right leg (see video)
  • Step up 25 left leg
  • Star jumps ( see video ) 25x
  • Repeat all 3 above 3 x before moving on
  • Jog mile or run high knee 3 minutes
  • Push ups 4 x 10-25
  • High Plank 4 x 1 minute
  • Ball slams 3 x 25
  • Mountain climbers 2 minutes
  • 100 jumping jacks (make fist and go over head)

Make sure to comment below for any questions regrading at home workout to help you burn calories and shape your legs.  Also, let me know what other workouts you’d

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