Best Home Leg Workout For Ladies

Do you want to know how to get great legs working out right at home?  Well, I’ve created a simple but very challenging home leg workout that takes little equipment and space.  This Best Home Leg Workout will shape, tone and firm your legs while burning calories and fat.

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Repeat entire Workout : Beginner 1-2x / Advanced 3-5X

1 Goblet Squat 15 / 20- 25 Reps (advanced)
* Best to start 90 % @ max weight for first 5 -6 reps then finish with lighter weight 70-85% max
* Go Deep with squat, toes out, pressure on heels

2 Plie Pulses with Weight 25 / 40 – 50 reps (advanced)
* Best to start 90% @ max weight for first 10-15 reps
* Make Sure to go 1/2 way to 1 inch off ground and repeat, back up

3 Lunge Pulses 25 / 40 – 50 reps each leg (advanced)
* Pulse from 1 inch off ground to 4-5 inches up and repeat
* all weight on front heel, thigh and glute
* hold weight if you want more work (10-20 lbs each hand)

4 Bosu Plyo 30 sec- 1min / 2 – 3 min (advanced)
* press off heel and stomp to move, should feel glute and thigh
* explode up not over

5 Box Plyo ( 1 leg ) 30 sec- 1min / 2 – 3 min (advanced)
* explode up and lock out leg when in air
* advanced : hold 10-20 lb. medicine ball on chest (optional)
* don’t skip, explode up to switch

Gym workout: Replace goblet squats with bar squats for 8-12 reps. Add Leg Press before plie pulses for 5 sets of 12 with feet wide shoulder width and toes out, press off heel only. Instead of lunge pulses add 3 sets x 30 reps leg extension.

Get workouts like this plus boxing: See here ????

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