4 Exercise Home Workout To Burn Fat, Target Legs & Bum

Home Leg Routine for Women – I created this 4 leg exercise workout routine for this group of ladies in my group training session. There were 22 ladies this day in the class. 10 Women were running 2 miles (outside), 4 women were boxing on heavy bags, 4 women were performing ab exercises and these 4 women in the video were performing this circuit after they had done 4 sets of the following exercises: Bar squats, lunges and back leg curls.


I showed this 4 leg exercise routine so you could easily incorporate it into your home Home Leg Routine. It’s easy to follow.

Advanced Fitness Level Only recommend starting with 6-8 sets x 10 -15 reps @ 50-60% max weight of either bar squats (place bar on top of scapula with a weighted bar) or goblet squats (hold a dumbbell vertical at chest level under chin) both with feet hip distance and toes pointed slightly out.

*Beginner Fitness Level Can Perform 3 sets x 10-20 air squats before performing the 4 exercise leg circuit.

When performing bar squats you should slightly lean forward while descending where your bum goes to knee level and then straighten out on top and squeeze bum. Look slightly up the entire time.

In between squats, you can perform 1 to 2 ab exercises i.e. bicycle 1 minute, hanging leg lifts 15-20

Then perform the 4 exercise leg workout circuit as seen on the video for Home Leg Routine and described below:

Advanced Fitness Level Repeat : 4-6x for 2 minutes each exercise, Beginner Fitness Level Repeat: 1-2x only for 1 minute each.

  • LEG EXERCISE #1: Cardio 2 minutes: choose a high intensity cardio exercise and give 90% every 15 seconds then drop down to 70 % for 15-30 seconds or vice versa.
  • LEG EXERCISE # 2: Weighted Hip Lifts 2 minutes: place heaviest weight that you can perform for 1-2 minutes. Best if you can start with 90% max then drop down to lighter weight 80% max then lighter to finish. Example: 50 lb db for 30 sec, 40 lb. for 30 sec, 30 lb for remaining minute. Hold on top for 2 seconds and squeeze bum, heels in front of sit bones. Toes slightly pointed out.
  • LEG EXERCISE #3: Punch and Run 2 minutes: put on boxing gloves 12 ounce. Quickly punch straight out slightly above eyes to bag or air while running high knee. Keep feet hip distance apart and change up tempo throughout entire 2 minutes.
  • LEG EXERCISE #4: Jump In To Out Squats w/ Medicine or Slam Ball & Fitness Band on Thighs 2 minutes: Stand Straight and jump into squat until elbows hit knees and then jump straight up to standing position, don’t squat when feet together as not good for the knees. Place fitness band high on thighs and hold ball to chest under chin.

Still have time to workout (advanced only!) ?

Jog or Power walk 2-6 miles and then feel great!


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