At Home Leg Toning Workout Circuit that Burns Fat and Sculpts Your legs.

Get tone, fit and sculpted legs with the Best At Home Leg Workout Circuits today.  Expert trainer, Doug Bennett, gives you a challenging and very effective

Leg workout circuit that you can do as your total workout when your short on time or you can add to another leg circuit for that complete workout.

All you’ll need is a bosu, step up box and a medicine ball ( 10-20lbs).  Try this leg workout to burn fat and get tone legs right at home.  This quick leg circuit just for women is the best way to feel and look awesome in any dress.  Get tone and fit legs fast using little equipment.

As always, consult your medical professional before starting any exercise plan.  This workout is not a personal workout prescription and is for educational purposes only.  Perform at your own risk.

Equipment Needed: bosu, medicine ball (10-20lbs), box 12-14 inches

Key: beginner / advanced  i.e 10 reps / 25 reps

Ashley’s Leg Circuit:
  1. Bosu Power Jump                         1 min
  2. Box Power Jump                           1 min
  3. Jumping Squat w mb (10-20lb)      15 reps / 25 reps
  4. Push Ups                  10 / 25 reps
Repeat all 4 exercises, no rest if possible.
Beginner 2-3x / Advanced 5-6x
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