Best At-Home Boxing Workout To Burn Calories and Lose Weight

FitActions Fitness Expert (Doug Bennett) has designed the Best Boxing Workout for Women that will show you boxing exercises to help you lose weight, get fit and learn boxing right at home.

Boxing is now becoming main stream in the fitness world and has become the Go To Workout for many of the top models like Karlie Kloss, Gisele Bündchen, Chanel Iman, and Joan Smalls.  Boxing is so popular because it truly is the only fitness workout that you can do anywhere that works your entire body and increases your heart rate, balance and coordination if done correctly.

Boxing workouts are best done with the proper form and instruction.  Here at Fitactions, we hope to share with you the best boxing instruction so you can use boxing to lose weight and get super fit fast.  Note: the better you learn the best boxing exercises, boxing technique and boxing training, the better you’ll get into shape. Boxing training workouts use your entire body when you punch correctly.

Boxing exercises use your legs, hips, core, shoulders and arms.  Hence, your entire body throws the best punching technique.  Want to lose weight, get into fighting shape and learn pro-boxing basics at the same time?  We recommend you checking out BOX YOUR WAY SlIM

The Boxing Video Below Will Teach You Basic Boxing Exercises While Helping Your Burn Calories.

Doug Bennett, Top American Fitness and Boxing Trainer
, gives you a glimpse of his one-of-a-kind system that allows you to get all the fat burning benefits of boxing training at home.  This workout is similar to what Top Models pay him thousands of dollars to get runway ready.  Jen, a beta participant used his new program, BOX YOUR WAY SLIM, right at home to get ready for her wedding.  She lost 26 pounds within 3 months by simply following his program that combines workouts just like the one below with his body transforming weight training workouts.  The best part of his program, he teaches you real boxing techniques similar to the skills he trains some of his Pro-Boxing fighters.  Try this workout below and listen to his tips throughout the fitness boxing workout.

All you need is 2 (1-2 lb. dumbbells).  You can follow along and perform this workout anywhere without the need of a heavy bag or gloves.



Make sure to combine this cardio fitness boxing workout with the leg workout he created >> here.

If you want to learn Doug Bennett’s Complete System to punch away the fat, learn boxing and get amazing weight loss and fitness results, click below:

Discover how Top Models Get Runway Ready using Doug Bennett’s Boxing System, BOX YOUR WAY SLIM

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