How To Box at Home While Burning Calories, Losing Fat and Getting Fit

Boxing basics just like any discipline are fundamental to using boxing the right way to either workout or to learn boxing. Whether you’re a pro or just learning. Daily practice of basics is key. Add this simple but useful boxing foot work drill for burning calories and losing fat to make your workouts more effective. You can perform a heavy leg workout than add this boxing workout for cardio to burn calories and lose weight.

Also, you can add this drill to any heavy bag boxing workout, speed rope, speed bag, sit ups etc.. to make it more of a complete boxing workout you can do right at home.

Boxing is one of the best home workouts because you don’t need heavy equipment other than a heavy bag or even a stand up bag. Simply add body weight exercises and some fast intense exercises (HIIT Exercises).

This video demonstrates a simple 2 punch combination while keeping good foot position whether going side to side or back and forth.

How To perform This Boxing Foot Work Drill:

1. Power Hand, Lead Hook move side to side, repeat 3 minutes
2. Power Hand, Lead Hook move back n forth, repeat 3 minutes
3. Jump Rope 3 minutes

Repeat all 3 above with 1-2 lb weights, 2 x

* Advanced can add 3-5 punch combinations while moving

Then go workout….

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