Quick Shoulder Toning Circuit for home or the gym.

Want shoulders that are tone, sculpted and strong?  Here’s a quick shoulder toning circuit for home or gym that takes a few sets of dumbbells, 3-5 inch elevation and some motivation.  The key to this circuit is the drop set from heavy to lighter weights which gives you resistance to cause your muscle fibers to engage for growth i.e. tone and shape.  Plus, the push ups on elevation and the weight of your body on your arms while mountain climbing adds endurance to your deltoids.  Hence, all three exercises in a row will drastically change your shoulders to look fit and tone.

Beginners will perform 2-3 rounds with lighter weight.

Advanced will perform 5-6 rounds with heavy to moderate weight.

Here’s the circuit at your own risk:

1) Shoulder press 20 reps done in a drop set manner (heavy to light):
2-3 reps 90 % max
5-8 reps 80% max
Remaining reps to 20 total 60-70% max

2) elevated push ups ( make sure your in balls of feet or knees over your hands 5-10 reps ( all the way down and pushing through triceps off

3) mountain climbers 10-30 each side. Front foot must dig into the ground at same time as back! Should be a pounding sound, don’t leave front foot dangling in air. Keep hips low and stay over arms . Also, keep abs tight entire time.

Again , advanced use heavier weight, repeat 5-6 circuits and your rest in between with an ab exercise i.e  hanging leg raises 20-50 reps.

This is only a small and quick shoulder toning circuit for home or gym of the entire workout.

To complete this shoulder workout add these exercises side raises, front raises, bent over raises and boxing.

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