How to get a tone and lean upper body workout right at home.

Ready to burn calories and get a tone, strong and fit upper body workout.  Well, here’s a simple to follow process to tone and lean upper body workout that works your arms and upper body with little weights needed that you can do right at home.

This can be done while the kids are sleeping early in the morning, lunch break or anytime you have 20-30 minutes.

As always, consult your medical professional before starting tone and lean upper body workout program.  Perform at your own risk.

You’ll need a few dumbbells (5, 10, 15, 20) and a fitness band (red or blue).

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Your Upper Body Home Workout:
1. High Punches, no weight 1 minute
2. Mountain climbers 1 minute
3. Overhead Tricep Press 20
4. Kick Back with dumbbell 5 reps right, 5 reps left for 1 minute no rest
5. Kick Back with band (red or blue) 30 reps both right and left
6. 5 jumping jacks walk down fast on hands to 3 push ups, walk up fast repeat 1 minute
7. High Punches with 2-3 lbs 1 minute
8. Regular Curl 5 reps > Hammer Curl 5 Reps > Concentration Curl 5 reps each side
9. Band Curls 30 sec – 1 minute as fast as you can keeping elbows to side
10. Mountain Climber 25 each side > Jumping Jacks 25 > Burpees with a star 25
Repeat all 2-4x
For more advanced arm shredding workouts check out

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