Ladies Workout To Get Tank Top Ready Arms with Just 3 Exercises You Can Do at Home.

Getting fit, tone and strong arms can be done right at home with these 3 simple moves that target your triceps.

People don’t realize the triceps make up most of the arm and usually just target what they can see in the mirror, the biceps.  However, if you work both sides of the arm, especially triceps with the right program.  You can get tank top ready arms in no time.  Of course you must be on a good clean diet.

Below, I put together a simple but very effective arm workout for women to get strong, fit and tone arms anywhere.  All it will take is a few dumbbells and a bench or sturdy chair edge (make sure very secure!).  It’s always best to use a heavier dumbbell to start and work down as the reps get higher.  Don’t worry about getting bulky arms with heavier weights.

Actually, if you are on a lean diet, lifting heavy and performing cardio workouts.  You’re muscles will not only get stronger but also leaner.  Muscle cells grow with increased resistance.  Remember, muscle never replaces fat and vice versa.  A fat cell and muscle cell are both completely different.  It’s like an apple and an orange.  You can’t turn one into the other.  You can lose fat in the fat cell and build muscle cells with the right program.

The right program is based upon many factors to getting great arms.  You’ll notice all my workouts are never amateur that says, ” Do 10 of this and 10 of that”.  A great program is always created by the exercises, exercise sequence and ability to make one exercise be synergistic with each within the program.

Below is your Quick and Simple Arm Toning Circuit:

Key:  Beginner Reps / Advanced Reps

NOTE: Always consult with a medical professional before starting any exercise plan and perform at your own risk.

  1. Push Backs  15 reps (5-10lbs.) / 20 reps (15-20lbs)  make sure to hold & squeeze.
  2. Tricep Bench  25 reps (no weight or 15lbs.) / 30 – 50 reps (15-30lbs.)  You can start with a heavy weight i.e. 40lbs and go down as reps go high to i.e. 25lbs.
  3. Clapping Push Ups 5 – 10 / 10- 25
  4. Push Ups 5-10 / 10 – 25
  5. Mountain climbers 1 min / 1 min
Perform all 5, no rest if possible. Repeat entire circuit, beginner, 3-4x / advanced, 5-6x
If you have more time.  You can add another arm workout circuit plus boxing training.
Simply, go running after you finished the entire arm toning circuit above.

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