How to Wrap Hands For Boxing Workouts – 3 Types of Hand Wraps


HOW TO WRAP HANDS FOR BOXING depends on your boxing routine, boxing level and how fast you want to put on a wrap.

There are various kinds of boxing hand wraps, and it’s vital to pick best hand wrap for boxing workouts that will work best for your level of boxing. Consider these alternative boxing wraps for your next boxing workout routine.  Each boxing wrap has its advantages.  Speed wraps, like the EZ-WRAP, make hand wrapping much faster and easier.

1. Cotton Boxing Wraps are a great option for wrapping your hands. However, you must be good at wrapping. Cotton boxing wraps are mostly used by Pro fighters. They come in various sizes from junior lengths to adult, and they are anchored with velcro toward the end usually with a thumb loop to start. The downside of cotton boxing wraps is they tend not to be elastic and stiffer. So you must pull your wrap tightly as you’re wrapping. USED BY: PRO AND AMATEUR BOXERS

2. Mexican Style boxing wraps are like cotton wraps yet they are woven with versatile strands of elastic and spandex material, so they shape to the hand more easily and effectively. Make sure to purchase 180 “ wraps as this gives more length to totally cover your entire hand and wrist for support. They aren’t exactly as strong as cotton wraps on the grounds that the flexible gets exhausted after some time, yet they’re a great choice for securing your entire hand and wrist for contact sports. Again, due to their elasticity make sure to make a fist while going around the wrist. This keeps the blood flow from being cut off due to being too tightly wrapped. USED BY: PRO AND AMATEUR BOXERS




1. Extend your hand: Spread your fingers as far separated as could be expected under the circumstances and utilize the majority of the muscles. The boxing wrap is intended to help the hand while it’s in movement, so you should start by presenting the wrap to every one of the developments you may utilize while boxing.


2. Place your thumb over the gap toward the finish of the wrap: It’s situated at the contrary end from the Velcro. Ensure the underside of the wrap is against your hand; in the event that you wind the wrap topsy turvy, you’ll experience difficulty affixing it when you’re done. Most wraps will have a tag or printed put telling you which side should look down.


3. Wrap your wrist: Wind the fold over the back of your wrist 3 to 4 times, contingent upon the extent of your hands and the level of solidness you need to accomplish. Complete with the wrap at within your wrist. The wrap ought to be level and straightforwardly cover itself with each turn. In the event that you find that you have to add or decrease length to the wrap toward the end, modify the occasions you wrap your wrist.


4. Wrap your hand: Force the fold over the back of your hand, over the region simply over your thumb, and over your palm to the opposite side. Wrap a similar place three times, finishing with the wrap within your hand close to the thumb.


5. Wrap your thumb: Begin by wrapping your wrist one time, completing with the wrap close to your thumb. Wind the wrap from the base of your thumb toward the best, at that point back to the base. Wrap up by wrapping your wrist yet again.


6. Wrap your fingers: Beginning at within your wrist, wind the enclose by the accompanying method to anchor your fingers at the base: – Wind the wrap from within your wrist over the highest point of the hand and between the pinky and ring finger.


-Twist it once again from within the wrist over the highest point of the hand and between the ring finger and center finger.


-Wind it again from within the wrist over the highest point of the hand and between the center finger and forefinger. Complete at within the wrist.


7. Wrap your hand once more: Begin by wrapping the wrist, at that point wrap corner to corner from within your wrist to the outside of your hand. Keep wrapping over your palm and simply over your thumb. Rehash until the point that the length of the wrap has been utilized, at that point complete with one final fold over your wrist.


8. Secure the wrap: Velcro it to anchor it set up. Flex your hand and toss a couple of punches to decide whether it’s agreeable. On the off chance that the wrap is too tight or too free, re-try it.


9. Rehash with the other hand: It might be hard to wrap utilizing your non-overwhelming hand at first, however you’ll get the hang of it after some training. In the event that you require help ask your mentor or an accomplice to do it for you.




So, what level of boxer are you? If you’re simply trying to get a good overall workout using boxing skills and training without getting in the ring. We recommend buying a good slip on hand gel wrap. These are easy, fast and supportive for light bag and mitt work.

3. Inner Glove Gel Boxing Wraps (speed wraps, quick wraps)

are one of the newest alternative boxing hand wraps now being sold to fitness boxers for boxing workouts. However, pro-boxers usually never wear this type of boxing hand wrap. These are preferably for fitness boxing classes and amateurs who are just trying to workout hitting a bag, mitts or simply fusing weight training and boxing style workouts. Inner gel boxing wraps are more costly than cotton or Mexican wraps. They are advantageous to slip on, yet they don’t give as much wrist and hand support unless they also have a wrap attached to them as conventional wraps like EZ-WRAPS

EZ-WRAPS which are new to the market have all the benefits of Gel Wraps plus have a Mexican Style boxing wrap attached to effectively support not only the knuckles with the gel but also the small bones of the hand and wrist with the wrap. 

These inner boxing hand wraps are best for support and overall simplicity. They slip on easy and fit nicely into 12-16 ounce gloves. The best features are their very soft and comfortable high-tech materials plus they have a superior gel and a Mexican style elastic wrap that’s included if you need to wrap for extra support that secures the wrist, entire hand and knuckles. So, for the best overall wrap. This is naturally our choice if you’re looking for better support.









Make sure to practice your boxing skills and punches with boxing wraps. Wrapping your hands is crucial for the long-term health of your ligaments and tendons in your hand and especially wrist. It is crucial to keep your wrist ligaments supported and safe as your everyday activities and fitness workouts involve using your wrist.  Opening jars, push-ups, picking up your house etc.. are all motions that involve your hand and wrist.  So, remember.  No wrapping means no punching.  So get wrapping!



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