4 Exercises You Can do at Home To Lift and Tone Your Glutes for Fast Results

You can lift and tone your glutes (bum) right at home if you do these 4 exercises as shown below.  Getting a great bum is not that easy unless you have great genetics.  For some women, simply performing squat and walking seems to help firm up the backside along with a good diet.

For others, not so genetically gifted.  You may need to put in some extra effort and be consistent in your workouts.  Believe me.  I get it when women tell me how frustrated they get after working out for months without a big change.

The good news is that if you’re eating healthy, eating lower calories than your burning everyday plus working out with the right program.  You can see results. Today I’m going to show you a home workout routine you can do for your glutes.  Perform this two day a week to get that cute, tone and lifted bum.

However, this 4 exercise butt circuit works best when coupled with other exercises that target your lower body.

So, Perform Workout Circuit 1 first before performing the Workout Circuit 2: that I’ll show

Workout Circuit 1 To Lift and Firm Your Bum

Key: beginner / advanced

  1. Squats  15 reps / 20 reps    use a bar or a dumbbell
  2. Jumping Squats with a 10-20lb medicine ball   10 reps / 10 reps (20lbs)  make sure to land and squat below parallel, keep ball to chest entire time, hands under ball so ball is below chin

Repeat both exercises, with 2 minute active rest (crunches 25 and stretch)  after performing both.  Beginner repeat 2-3x, Advanced Repeat 3-5x


Workout Circuit 2 To Lift and Firm Your Bum

Here is an easy and effective butt toning workout you can do right at home.  Stabilize your hips and protect your lower back using a fitness ball and bench while performing a swim and heel lift exercises.

How To Perform the 4 Exercises To Get a Great Bum Right at Home (optional: wear 2lb. ankle weights):

  1. Swim  1-2 minutes (squeezing on top, toes lateral)
  2. Leg Lifts 1-2 minutes (squeeze glute before lift)
  3. Bridges w heavy dumbbell 30-60lbs  25-50 reps
  4. Good Mornings 10-15 12-20lbs.
  5. Jump Rope 1 minute
Repeat all 5 exercises, no rest if possible 3-6x
Jog 1-2 miles
Sprints (for advanced only)
5 x 25 yards, rest with a walk back
5 x 50 yards
1/4 mile sprint
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