How To Get Sexy Abs With 3 Exercises by Doug Bennett, Top American Trainer

These 3 Ab Exercises are going to help you shape your belly into a sexier, flatter belly. However, don’t be fooled. No ab exercise by itself will give you those perfect abs you desire. It takes hard work, the right exercise program, genetics(helps) and a clean diet that’s based upon your daily calorie expenditure and requirements.

I created this ab routine so you can train your abs at home or the gym. All you need is a good sturdy bench.

So, lets get right to it…

Follow the 3 AB Exercises VIDEO BELOW:


Ready to burn your abs “ The Bennett Way”? 

  • 25-50 drop in the bucket 
  • 25-50 accordion crunch tight
  • 25-50 bicycle or 1-2 min
  • Fast jump Rope or 3-4 100 yard sprints 30 sec rest

Repeat 4-5x. Then workout again 💪🔥

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