Heavy Bag Boxing Drill and Lesson To Knock Off Calories and Burn Fat For a Home Workout

Today’s heavy bag boxing workout video will show you a basic boxing lesson that will help you learn boxing and burn calories.  You can use this boxing drill for a home workout or at the gym to perform the heavy bag workout.  The key to learning boxing to lose weight or for competition is repetitive practice and intense training.

As always, make sure you practice for weeks for this heavy bag workout with slower technique and light punches to the bag to avoid wrist injury.  Make sure you’re wrist are wrapped tightly with the proper hand wraps.

How to Perform Today’s Boxing Workout To Burn Calories:

Heavy Bag Workout Circuit:

  1. Power Hand (i.e. straight right) , Liver Shot (shovel)  2 minutes
  2. Jab, Body Shot 2 minutes
  3. Jump Rope 3 minutes
Repeat all 3, 1 minute rest, 3-5x
Same as above but with foot work moving right to left, left to right, forward and back.Once Finished, repeat all circuits and add this heavy bag boxing drill for a fat burning boxing workout at home.
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