13 Healthy Commitments To Help You Eliminate Dieting Forever

Yes! Diets Suck and don’t work long-term.  I can’t count how many times in a week I hear from people telling me that they are on this cleanse and that cleanse.
They are drinking this and only that.
Well, that’s all good.  Yet, what’s your long-term plan?  Believe me, until you commit to living a healthier lifestyle, you’ll be chasing the latest and greatest fad diet…

You’ll lose weight for a few weeks and then pow!  Put it right back on or only be 2-3 lbs. lighter then you started which is usually just water weight because you stopped eating all carbs.
  • in the 80’s it was carbs are the key
  • in the 90’s it was fat free is the way
  • in the early 2000’s it was all protein, no carb
  • now it’s high protein, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and even throw out fruit
Well, what is your diet?  I don’t personally follow a diet.  I simply eat healthy and stick to just a few (ha,ha) commitments that have kept me at 8% body fat at 46 years old.  Oh yeah, and I don’t workout 2 hours a day and my years of wrestling at an  Olympic level are far gone…

Commit to living healthy (these are some what i live by) :
  1. Eat small balanced meals
  2. Eat frequent meals that add variety throughout the day
  3. Never eat till completely full
  4. Drink water frequently while eating
  5. Don’t be scared of good fats yet limit them to 2-3x day (nuts, avocado)
  6. Carbs are good if the right kind (complex carbs) and yes wheat pasta 1-2x week is ok too with added veggies, protein etc..
  7. Remake any unhealthy foods you love to healthy
  8. Eat only all natural foods (i.e. even a cookie)
  9. Limit your sugar intake but don’t be scared of eating a little sugar (natural)
  10. Don’t eat any refined foods unless a treat and all natural  i.e. whole foods vegan chocolate chip cookie
  11. Exercise everyday even if 15 minutes
  12. Make sure to lift weights as building muscle is the key to burning calories and increasing your metabolism
  13. Don’t diet- simply exercise more and cut back on your portions while sticking to mindful eating.
Well, these have been my commitments since I started wrestling in College.  Maybe you can use some or all of these and you’ll find that getting and staying fit is for life and not a moment.

Now, there’s always exceptions to rules if you have certain food allergies such as gluten, dairy, etc… Your diet must adhere to abstaining from any of these allergens.

Hope these help you as they have helped me
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