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A paleo diet is a food plan that is based upon eating mostly fish, lean proteins, vegetables, nut, seeds and fruit.

The premise of the Paleo Diet is to eliminate the modern mans diet that consist mainly of sugar, dairy, salt, bakery goods, flour, starchy vegetables. processed meats, preservatives, wheat and fat.

The best benefit of following a PALEO DIET is the elimination of processed foods, sugar and refined wheat while consuming more veggies.  The biggest drawback of the Paleo Diet is the consumption of too much meat.  Your best bet is to switch up between fish, lean meats and vegetarian protein options.


You can find an array of Paleo friendly recipes found on many social media platforms like, buy a Paleo recipe guide on Amazon and/or get Paleo Prepared meals sent to your home.

Hence, that’s why we decided to write a REVIEW ON PETE’S PALEO one of the best Paleo Meal Delivery Services focused solely on creating delicious, natural Paleo Meals at a reasonable price.


Well, we all know how hectic life can get.

One or two nights of takeout per week can quickly turn into five or six. And before you know it, you’re relying on takeout or processed foods for most meals.

No wonder 92% of the population is suffering from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Micronutrient deficiencies, particularly vitamin A, iron, zinc, iodine, and folate are rampant in the U.S., acting as a major contributor to infection and chronic illness.

But it seems that, no matter how much you value good nutrition, busy days often get in the way of cooking nutrient-dense meals.

I’m obsessed with health and wellness, but the stress of the last few months even has me on food delivery apps more often than I’d like.

Sure, I’ve tried the “healthier” meal kit services —but most of them are packed with additives and sugar. Many of them even come with highly-processed tortillas and bread!

Not to mention the fact that you still have to chop and cook each meal…

NOT anymore.

Pete’s Paleo have been cooking and delivering fully-made, wholesome meals for almost a decade.

Made with Paleo principles in mind, I know that every meal is going to be:

  • Made with fresh, local, sustainable ingredients
  • No added sweeteners
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free

So, I never have to question if their meals contain gluten, sugar, or other harmful ingredients.

I can’t say the same for other meal kit companies, frozen meals, or takeout.

The Pete’s Paleo menu also offers an array of flavors with different cuts of meat and types of veggies in every meal.

Speaking of variety… the menu changes every week and then again every three months to correspond with the season. So you’ll only eat the same meal 3 times in three months, tops!

And unlike other meal kit services, there’s no food waste, very little packaging, and no chopping or cooking. Just irresistible, healthy meals you can re-heat and enjoy.

Dietary restrictions? No Problem. Paleo, Keto, AIP Friendly, and Low-FODMAP —Pete’s Paleo has you covered no matter your diet.

Nutrition is important. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your schedule or your sanity to stay healthy.

So, I highly recommend giving Pete’s Paleo a shot!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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