How To Build a Firm Booty, Lean legs and Burn Fat at Home for Women.

Do you desire stronger and leaner legs? Have you been trying to build a booty and burn fat?  Well, below is a workout for women that at will help you build a booty, get lean legs and burn fat all in comforts of your home.  No gym required.  Try this fat burning workout that uses body weight exercises, resistance training, and fitness boxing to burn fat and lose weight.

WARNING: Always, consult with your medical professional before starting this exercise or any home workout for tone and fit legs.  These workouts are for informational purposes only and NOT a personal prescription.  Please, perform at your own risk.

Please give each exercise your best effort.

  • Cardio: train with intensity.
  • Weights: keep good form and challenge yourself with heavier weights.
  • Advanced: You should be struggling towards the end of each set.
  • Beginners should use light weights!
  • BEGINNER / ADVANCED will be to right of each exercise
  • Perform each circuit before moving onto next circuit
  • If you’re very limited on time, just do 3 sets (3x) of each
  • Each circuit perform top to bottom and repeat as written

I created a link in gold for exercises to view for form, tap exercise to view


1.        Jump Rope  or Jumping Jack with fist                       1 minute / 2 minutes
2.        Squat with Db (heaviest you can do)                          20 reps / 25 reps (i.e. 30lb)
3.        Stand Ups                                                             15 each leg / 25 each leg
4.        Star Jumps                                                            20 Reps / 50 Reps
5.        Run High Knee 1 minute or Jog 1/4 mile and Sprint back      1x/ 2x

Repeat all 5 ( beginner 3x, advanced 5x)


1.        Skating                                                                 1 minute / 2 minutes
2.        Clapping Push Ups, knees                                      10 / 15-25
3.        Step Ups On Bench Or Block (12-14 inches)              10 each leg / 15 each leg holding 10-15lbs dumbbell in each hand

* Step ups: keep the right foot on platform entire time while performing home workout for tone and fit legs.  Step Up with left foot, lock out knees, stand tall, step back down with left foot and back up, repeat until all reps finished and then switch to right foot and do  the same. Make sure to push off the heel thats on the platform to stand up.  Hold dumbbells to you side with straight arms.

Repeat all 3 (beginner 3x, advanced 5x)


1. Burpees w a 10 high knee runs        15 / 50
* Make sure to let your entire body hit the ground and press off palms of hands hard to jump up into a SQUAT!  Take Your time and don’t rush.
 Have a lower back injury or cant do burpees?  Do Jumping Squats instead!

2. Run High Knee   2 minute / 2 minutes

Repeat both, (beginner 1x, advanced 1x)


Toby’s 10 Minute Total Body Tone Up (click here )

Perform Preferably with bag and gloves to get the biggest impact.

No bag or gloves? use 1 lb weights or just a closed fist.  Try to use good form.

Want to buy a bag? see below for best bag and price
Click here (best for kicking and punching): xxl
Click here (for punching) : wavemaster
to get more boxing workouts like toby’s go

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