5 best Workout tips to get Flat and Sexy abs you can do at the gym or home.

Here is the specification of 5 best workout tips to get flat and sexy abs.  No ab exercise alone will give you six pack abs.  Your best solution on how to get flat and sexy abs Is performing a consistent workout program that consist of

  1. a Lean Diet consisting of lean protein, complex carbs, greens, veggies and minimal fruit with lots of water.   Fasting and carb cycling works to speed your metabolism.
  2. 3-4 days of weight training combining heavy weights with lighter weights from low to high reps.
  3. 4-5 days of cardio training consisting of short and fast high intensity intervals and longer endurance training with intermittent sprints type activity.  Both boxing and long distance running together work great.  Boxing (Www.boxin15online.com) includes fast burst of punching coupled with jump rope and body resistance exercises.  Long distance running or speed walking longer then 45 minutes works best for calorie expenditure and fat burning on an empty stomach.
  4. 7-8 hours sleep and less stress.
  5. 3-4 days of an ab exercise plan that hits all areas of your abdominal area.

Below is an easy to follow but very challenging ab workout you can try at your own risk.

AB CIRCUITto get flat, sexy abs
Try at own risk

Beg= beginner Adv = advanced

  • Roll ups: beg 25 adv 50-100
  • Superman: beg 30 sec adv 1-2 min
  • Skate: beg 1 min adv 2-3 min
  • Ball plank: beg 1 min
  • Ball plank w roll out : 1-2 min
  • X-body mt climber:beg 1min adv:2 min
  • Fitness Ball raises:beg 10 adv 25
Advanced repeat all again
To get an entire home program concerning the best workout tips to get flat sexy abs that shows you how to get in the perfect shape ever right at home combining both
high level fitness boxing and pro-level weight training, check out www.boxin15online.com



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