7 Top Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight Even Though You Workout

The New Year brings motivation and the expectations that if you workout hard and eat right, you’ll lose all your unwanted weight. Unfortunately,  things never workout this way.  There’s nothing worse than working out hard and not seeing the fruits of your labor – no definition, unwanted pounds and clothes still fit tight.  So, I’ve listed some Top Reasons why you may not be losing weight even though you’re working out hard.

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So, have you  been eating clean and healthy but still not losing weight?
Here are some of common reasons.  Eliminate or follow these and see if it makes a difference.  
1.  You’re eating too much healthy fats.  Yes, healthy fats are great for your skin, hormones, sleep, etc… Yet, they can keep you from losing weight.  Foods to cut out or cut way back (tsp. day) in your diet
Avocado, Hummus, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Nuts, Peanut Butter, Cacoa.

2.  You’re eating too many good sugars.
 Well, sugars are overall not that great for you if your body doesn’t store them as glycogen (fuel for your muscles).  Sugars that aren’t used right away are either stored as energy or fat.  So, you may need to cut way back on fruit especially in your smoothies, green drinks, salads, and as snacks.  Especially dried fruits!

3.  You’re eating to many snacks.  
Snacks in reference to kind bars or any bar for that matter.  You  need to stick to whole foods if you can.  Green apple and a hard boiled egg.  So, check out your snacks and stay away from all flour.

4.  You’re not eating enough healthy food.
 You’re living off of smoothies and bars.  Stop it!  Eat whole foods and more greens.  Balance your diet with lean protein, greens, some fruit, little fat and 1-2 good complex carbs like brown rice, yams, slice Ezekiel Toast, brown rice cake, quinoa.

5.  You’re eating to many good carbs.
 Complex carbs are great especially if you’re lifting weights (which you must do).  Yet, eat too many at night or during the day and the calories can add up quick.

6.  You’re not burning enough calories.
 You may be eating great but if you’re not developing lean muscle by lifting and burning fat by intense cardio like boxing, then you’re not going to have great results. Pick up the intensity of your workouts even if they are short and lift heavier weights.

7.  You don’t have the right plan.
  You’re either not doing enough cardio, too much cardio (breaking down muscle), not eating right (not eating enough or too much), you’re lifting too heavy or not lifting heavy enough…you get the picture.  Basically, you need the right plan to get the best results.
Need the right plan that eliminates all reasons you may fail ( knowledge, time, diet or past failures) ?
Hope these tips help you get the results you desire.

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