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Home Workout  for a Mom of 3 to Strengthen, Tone and Sculpt her Upper Body – Fast!

Home Workout for a Mom of 3 to Strengthen, Tone and Sculpt her Upper Body – Fast!

Fitting a great home workout into your busy life can be challenging.  So, when you do have time to workout.  You need it to be  challenging, fun, efficient and most importantly effective.  Try this complete Upper Body workout  for women to tone, sculpt and strengthen your upper body.  This arm home workout sample was taken from Doug Bennett’s New Upper Body Transformation Program called The 6 Week Upper Body Fix.

The 6 Week Upper Body Fix, is the most effective and challenging workout program on the Amazon Fitness Market.  Not only will it give you sculpted arms, shoulders and back but it will help you flatten your belly, shed unwanted fat, gain strength and build your endurance – fast.  It’s broken up into 2-phases.  Phase 1 primes your muscles for more challenging workouts in phase 2 and helps you lose body fat.  Phase 2 is when you’re friends will be shocked by your awesome body transformational results.

Try a small sample of workout below and judge for yourself.  You get 42-days of workouts similar to this sample and so much more.    All you’ll need is a little motivation, dumbbells and a small area in your home or work.  Follow along both the day-by-day workouts and diet to expect fast results..

How to Perform The Arm and Upper Body Home Workout for Women Sample Shown In the Video:
Perform at own risk.  Perform each exercise as directed on video.  First number after each exercise is for beginners.  Second number is for those whom are more fit.
-Example: push ups 10 / 20   Beginners will perform 10 reps and advanced 20 reps.
-Then move onto the next exercise.
-Once done with all exercises in the entire video.
– Repeat entire video again as directed 3-5x seen at the end of video.

Try, share and comment…42 Day Upper Body Fix on Amazon:
KINDLE Version here : Kindle, 6 Week Upper Body Fix
PRINT Version here : Print, The 6 Week Upper Body Fix


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